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I need emergency cosmetic repairs

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  • I need emergency cosmetic repairs

    I am having a night mare here and need some pretty prompt help. It could be the difference between me still having a job or not. I have porcelain veneers fixed to my teeth. My smile is so important because I am sales pitcher for a modelling agency. It is essential that I look my best at all times. This clearly includes my smile. I have just chipped of part of my veneer and you can see the dilled tooth underneath. It looks vile and I am due to pitch for a very lucrative contract on Tuesday. It MUST be fixed by then or my boss will have a fit. Is it possible to get this fixed as a matter of urgency. I know that it probably isn’t seen as an emergency in the grand scheme of things but for me it so is. Can someone help me before Tuesday?????????

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    Thank you for your post.
    Do not worry I can totally understand why this would be an emergency to you. It is important to look and feel confident when delivering presentations to a group of people. An issue with your teeth could certainly cause you to feel self-conscious and could also appear unsightly to others. Rest assured there are dentists out there that will perform emergency restorations but be prepared for the fact that this may be more costly. If the veneer is fixable then this repair could be made within twenty-four hours. If you need a new one making then the veneer lab will need time to produce this. However, if this is the case, a good cosmetic clinic will be able to fit you with a temporary veneer to tide you over until your new one is made. This will temporarily restore your smile in time for your sales pitch. It is important that veneers are fixed sooner rather than later so that the underlying tooth is not affected. Best of luck.
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