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How long does the pain last after a root canal?

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  • How long does the pain last after a root canal?


    I had severe toothache for several days and could not sleep for three nights and my dentist said that i actually need root canal treatment and started root canal treatment on my back molar tooth.

    After he did the treatment and the anaesthetic wore off, I noticed that the tooth pain came back and its like its no better than before the treatment was started. My dentist has planned to do stage two of this root canal next week and I due to go back for a 2 hour appointment so that he can do that stage of treatment.

    However, I thought that with root canal treatment the pain was supposed to stop but now 2 days after the treatment was started I am still in pain. Is it possible that the root canal treatment has not worked? How long does it take for the toothache to stop after root canal treatment is started?

    Thank you for your help.

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    How long does the pain last after a root canal?

    Thank you for your question.

    After root canal stage 1, usually there is an improvement in symptoms experienced by patients. However its not unusual for the symptoms to take a few days to fully settle.

    I would recommend that you go back to see your own dentist to have your tooth checked again if the pain does not settle down. It may be that the root canals need to be cleaned again and medication placed into the canals.


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      pain after root canal


      I'm having the same problem. Had root canal yesterday and woke up this early morning with the same toothache if not slightly worse.

      Did this clear up for you?



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        how long does the pain last after a root canal

        root canal pain does not always settle immediately and can sometimes take a few days before it settles down. We usually recommend Non-steroidal anti inflammatories such as Ibuprofen to help with the pain after root canal treatment.


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          I am inclined to think that the pain should be getting better by now so I think there is an issue that needs addressing. Because the pain is still there after the second attempt though I would expect extraction to now be a real possibility as root canal treatment may not be working.