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Should I get it re-done privately.

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  • Should I get it re-done privately.

    When I had my tooth root treated it lasted about a month and then the problem came back. I am going to need it done again so I thought if I had it done privately then it might be performed with more quality and not end up failing again. Is private dental care much better because I would think it would be. I know NHS dentists are always under a lot of pressure and are tight for funds so it is inevitable they are going to make mistakes like this. However, I don’t want to let them make anymore so private may be the way to go. Paying extra will be worth it to me.
    What would you think about it?

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    Thank you for your post.
    The choice is entirely yours whether you want to get your root canal treatment re done at a private clinic or not. However, there are some things for you to consider before you make your decision. First of all, root canal treatments are never guaranteed, therefore, it is not a given that the treatment you received was substandard just because it was unsuccessful. Furthermore, it does not mean that the private clinic’s work would be guaranteed either. Secondly, the cost of private treatment, while many clinics are fair and reasonable, could actually end up being very pricey for the same quality of work you would receive at an NHS dentist. If you are happy to potentially pay more through private dentistry then that is your decision, just make sure that you find a private dentist that is transparent about their prices before you have the work done. There are no regulations on what private surgeries can charge so just be careful that you find a reputable one who is more concerned about their customers than their profit margins.
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