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There’s not much left of my tooth now.

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  • There’s not much left of my tooth now.

    Repeated root canals have meant that my tooth has diminished further and further. At the moment there is a rather large filling in the tooth but my clinic said that they are worried about leaving it like that because I could easily break it while doing normal things like eating and drinking. I am not booked in now for another few weeks but it has got me very concerned. What if my tooth cannot last this long. Plus how are they even going to fix it in a few weeks time. This was never explained to me. This situation is very stressful and its got me on tender hooks with everything that I do.

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    Thank you for your post.
    I would say that if you are concerned you should give your dentist a call and see if they could fit you in earlier. If this is not possible then you will need to take extra care over the next few weeks to try and abate any possible damage while you wait. This could include more gentle brushing, avoiding any hard or stick food stuffs, drinking water instead of sugary or fizzy drinks that could cause corrosion, protecting the teeth with a mouth guard etc. When you attend your dentist appointment, providing that the infection is totally eradicated, it is likely that your clinician will attach a crown to the tooth in question. A dental crown is a porcelain covering that fits over the entirety of the tooth and protects and strengthens it from sustaining further damage. You may also have a dental post fitted inside the tooth’s root to strengthen it and hold it in place. Crowns do blend in with your other teeth, so no one will know that you have one fitted. If you are very anxious about this then do speak to your dentist.
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