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No root canal just a crown, Iím confused here!

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  • No root canal just a crown, Iím confused here!

    Puzzled and confused about whats happened at my dentist. I was always under the idea that people only had crowns fitted after they have had a root canal treatment to strengthen the tooth up. I have had this before on one of my other pegs. Now I am being informed that I need a crown on a molar that as far as I was aware there was nothing wrong with it only a cavity that needed patching up. Why would a filling not be sufficient? Itís a mystery to me. Could she have got this wrong? It could turn out to be an expensive mistake for me if she has.

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    Thank you for your post.
    It is not always the case that teeth that need a crown also need to have a root canal treatment performed. Root canal treatments are only necessary when the pulp within the tooth has become compromised. When this happens, an infection develops within the tooth and the only way of effectively removing it is to have the tooth root treated. If damage has occurred to a tooth structure but the pulp has not been affected, then a crown is used to strengthen the structure of the tooth. It can also be used to avoid any further damage occurring that could then lead to a root canal treatment being needed. In the grand scheme of things this is a better scenario to be in because, at present, your tooth sounds like it is infection free and still healthy. I would strongly advise you to go ahead with the treatment if this is what your dentist has suggested. Best of luck to you.
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