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Please tell me why it still hurts?

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  • Please tell me why it still hurts?

    At the end of my rope here with this root canal tooth. Seriously I am going to blow my top very shortly if this does not get sorted out. My dentist in MK has supposed to have cleaned this root out yet it is still hurting like mad. I had the thing fdone three days ago so why on this earth is it still giving me problems. I carnt eat on it and its throbbing. I am in the mid set to go back to my dentist and insist that he does the job properly. It has been such a drawn out process of appontments. I am just so sick of it now!! Argghhhhhh.

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    Thank you for your post.
    Unfortunately, root canal treated teeth can remain uncomfortable or painful for a while after the treatment has been completed. Occasionally, people can experience pain for months after until the inside of the tooth settles. This is often just part of the healing process. It is also normal for a patient to find chewing to be tender or sore for the first few days after having the treatment. I imagine this is nothing to worry about. However, if you are concerned that there is still infection present then it would be advisable to return to your dentist, so they can check this out for you. Seen as you only had the treatment a few days ago I would say it will be too early to tell whether the infection is still present. You should certainly contact your dentist though for further advice. To help with the pain you can take over the counter painkillers. Your pharmacist will be able to offer advice on the best type of painkiller for your particular issue. Best of luck to you.
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