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Is it inherited?

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  • Is it inherited?

    Is it possible to inherit dental phobia from parents? My mum is so scared of the dentist that my dad ended up having to take me as a child in the end because she couldn’t face it. Now I am finding that I am experiencing the same problems as my mum has as ive got older even though nothing bad as ever happened to me at the dentist. I find going to the dentist so stressful and I have to get sedation for it. I am starting to worry because I have a baby now, a son who is nearly one. I know that he will be needing to go soon and I hope and pray I haven’t passed anything on to him in term of genetics or dna or what ever it is that might also make him scared too. Is there any way I can make sure he is not scared like me.
    Kind regards.

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    Thank you for your post.
    Dental phobia is not inherited in the sense of it is not passed down genetically to children. However, it can be inherited in the sense that the fear that the parent/adult feels can be reflected onto the child. The child sees that the parent is scared so can then also feel scared. Your parents did do the right thing in terms of allowing your non-phobic parent to take you to the dentist. However, for whatever reason, you have developed a phobia that is unexplainable to you. This could be merely coincidental. In terms of your son, you will not have passed anything onto him as far as genetics are concerned so rest assured. Your son could have a normal relationship with his dentist whether you are anxious or not, only time will tell really. I would suggest though that you book your own appointments separately to your sons and attend without him if this is possible so that he is not exposed to your anxieties. Also, if another family member could take him to his appointments this might work better for both of you. You may also want to consider some sort of counseling to try and help you overcome your issues. Best of luck.
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