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Are veneers better than crowns or vice versa?

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  • Are veneers better than crowns or vice versa?

    I would like to change the way my teeth looks. I have been looking at veneers but a friend said that crowns would be better. I always imagine that veneers would be best because I have seen some beautiful examples whereas I just think of crowns as being for the back teeth to repair damage. My teeth are not damaged, they are just a bit worn out in terms of they are a bit yellowy and not that shiney anymore. They need to look fresher. Do you think veneers or crowns would be best for me at this stage. What are the benefits and negatives of each so I can choose.
    Many thanks and enjoy your day.

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    Thank you for your post.
    First of all, the main difference between the two is that a crown covers the entire tooth, whereas a veneer covers the surface you can see (leaving the back of the tooth uncovered). Often crowns are used to strengthen and stabilise a tooth and veneers are usually more of an aesthetic treatment. If your teeth are structurally sound and you are just wanting a procedure that will cover stains and discoloration then I would say dental veneers would be the best choice. With a crown, the natural tooth requires a lot of drilling and shaving down so that the crown will fit. This is not an advisable treatment purely for aesthetic reasons if your teeth are healthy and in good condition. With some porcelain veneers, no enamel shaving at all is needed and they will restore your smile in terms of whiteness and give you back that pearly shine. There are different types of veneer so you will need to book in for a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist to explore the options and discuss which veneer will be best for you.
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