Dental Bone Grafting

For a better functional and cosmetic dental implant outcome, where needed we always carry out bone grafting. We can use the patient's own bone, irradiated cadaver bone, synthetic bone or bovine derived bone. If bone grafting is not carried out in cases where it is necessary, it can lead to serious problems for the patient.

Above you can see the case of a lady who presented to us with implants placed in the smile zone that should have had bone grafting but the implants were placed without bone grafting.

As a result the implant threads are exposed and her implant crowns look very long. To hide this, she has to permanently wear a removable plastic gum mask to cover the unsightly implant threads and the very long implant crowns. In such a case, doing bone grafting could have prevented these problems.

We try to avoid this disastrous outcome, by always doing bone grafting around implants that need bone grafting even if that delays treatment for a little while. Our aim is to achieve the best long term outcome and not to rush to complete as many cases as possible.

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